SEE program helps change Seema's life

Published by MAXSolutions on April 12, 2022
Seema's SEE Success

Seema came to Australia from India in 2018. 

While she speaks three languages, English is not her strongest. And, while she wanted to work, that meant employers were reluctant to give her a chance. 

Shortly after coming to MAX, her team secured her an interview at a food manufacturing plant in Brisbane. 


However, upon meeting her the recruiters expressed concern about her English communication skills. They feared she wouldn’t understand instructions and cope with the demands of the role, so chose not to offer her a position. 

Helping Seema to look towards the future, her MAX team encouraged her to attend the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program.

The SEE program includes interactive classes to help students improve their English reading, writing and numeracy skills. 

Seema was a committed student, building a great sense of community with classmates and MAX trainer Paulette while she learned. 


Activities to help students learn and grow in confidence included visits to the local library, supermarket and other places within the community. 

These outings are designed to make the classes interesting and ensure that learning is applicable to everyday life. 

“I witnessed enormous growth in all aspects of her learning in the SEE Program,” says Paulette. 

And that growth has now paid dividends. 


Recently Seema was interviewed by the same recruiter. 

While they had initially been reluctant to meet with Seema again, MAX Employer Partnership Manager Donna explained to the employer that Seema had been improving her communication skills in the SEE program.

They agreed to meet with her and discovered that not only had Seema’s English communication skills vastly improved, her confidence had skyrocketed too. 


Having a support team like Donna and Paulette cheering her on from the sidelines, helped further boost Seema’s confidence. 

“Last time I was saying ‘aaaahh!’ [about the interview], this time I was feeling good, and my confidence is improved. I feel very happy,” shares Seema. 

The employer was so impressed by the change, they offered Seema a role.

She has now moved roles, working around 30 hours a week with a different manufacturer in Brisbane, taking with her the confidence she’s built along the way.


Seema is planning to return to SEE classes soon, with the ultimate goal of passing the Australian Citizenship test. Our team look forward to continuing to support her as she works towards achieving her goal.

Thanks to Paulette, Donna, Michelle and the entire MAX team at Nundah for working together to give every person, every chance. 

Find out more about our English classes through the SEE program. 

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