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MAXConnect Jobmatch

MAXConnect Jobmatch is an online job search tool with priority access to thousands of jobs with our employer partners.

Login and complete your My Job Fit profile to give us insight into your skills, experience and interests. Unlike other online job search tools, MAXConnect can then link you with the jobs available that fit you best.

We will shortlist you for jobs that might be right for you and send you an SMS to see if you'd like to apply.

To access MAXConnect, you will need to be registered with one of our employment services. You can also use MAXConnect to sign your privacy and consent forms.

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MAXConnect Wellness

MAXConnect Wellness is a powerful digital tool that gives you control of your health goals, through a combination of knowledge, support and activity tracking. 83% of our current users believe that managing health and wellness will improve their ability to find work.

Customers in Workforce Australia, DES and School Leavers Employment Supports can use their MAXConnect login to access MAXConnect Wellness.

You can use the same account to access MAXConnect Wellness

What does MAXConnect Wellness do?

Health Coach

A convenient way to connect with health professionals to get the advice you need.


Content on topics including mental health, better sleep and healthy eating.


Track and manage what you eat for better nutrition. Monitor your exercise. And more.

MAXConnect Wellnes devices

Accessing MAXConnect

If this is the first time you've logged in to MAX Connect, you will need your username.

This will be your JobSeeker ID (JSID) followed by e.g.

The first time you login, your password is your surname dot MAX dot the last 3 digits of your JSID, in all capital letters - SURNAME.MAX.789. or

For example:


You will then be able to set your permanent password.

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Your JobSeeker ID is unique to you. You can find it by:

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