For more than two decades, Injurynet (a MAX Solutions company) has delivered quality workplace medical services aimed at preventing and reducing the impact of injury and illness in workplaces and the community. This includes early intervention and injury treatment, work-related medical assessments, medical advisory services and fitness for duty services.

Our business is singularly focused on medical services in the workplace and we are the only organisation to have spent nearly two decades developing, educating, managing, referring to and monitoring Australia’s largest independent, national medical and allied health practitioner network of its kind.

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What sets us apart

Largest practitioner network

The largest national, independent, managed and accountable medical and allied health practitioner network for the effective treatment of workplace injuries and illnesses in Australia.

Practitioners in our network

Extensive industry experience

With two decades of experience across a broad range of industry sectors, we share our knowledge and experiences giving you insight into what’s worked, what hasn’t and why.

Initial medical appointments

Fast appointment speeds

Through our large practitioner network, we can arrange fast appointments and responses to work-related medical matters than could be achieved independently.

Medical assessments

Our services

Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Employees who are safely performing the requirements of their roles are vital to any organisation. Our wide range of medical assessments and services help identify, assess and manage risks impacting the health of your current and future workforce.

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Injury Management Services

InitialCARE, our 24/7/365 early injury management service, is your first line of defence against injuries and illnesses giving your workers the care they need, without delay, with just one call.

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Medical Advisory Service

A specialised service to help employers fulfil their responsibilities in relation to employee health. Our medical advice supports health issues impacting work, and work issues impacting health at both an individual and organisational level.

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Fitness For Duty Assessment Services

We assist managers to obtain better insight into issues affecting an employee’s ability to work.

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Drug and Alcohol Testing

A testing program is important in situations where a worker could potentially seriously harm or injure themselves, another worker or a member of the public if they work while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

Build healthier workplaces with our wide range of mental health and wellbeing services for employers and employees.

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Health Surveillance

Health surveillance or monitoring of employees is a regulatory requirement for employers in situations where an employee may be exposed to certain hazardous substances in the course of performing their required duties.

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Telehealth Services

Make the switch to Telehealth, our new way of delivering Medical Assessments and Injury Management Services.

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Medical Assessments and Services

Having employees who can safely perform the inherent requirements of their role is vital to any organisation and Injurynet’s wide range of medical assessments and services help identify, assess and manage risks impacting the health of your current and future workforce.

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