Find great employees

Thousands of potential employees across Australia

Whether you are looking for a single person for your local business or a few hundred across Australia, we are able to help. We work with hundreds of thousands of individuals looking for work and find the right match for your business.

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The right people for your business

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Quickly match to the right people

Our online job search platform gives you access to thousands of people to make your candidate search easier. MAXConnect has more than just someone’s CV, it also matches peoples’ work preferences and abilities against your job to find the right people.

Meet potential employees

We often have local engagement days in our employment offices. We can offer the opportunity to meet people face to face, in a relaxed environment, to find employees you think would be the right fit.

Screen and select

By understanding the opportunities you have, we are able to screen and find candidates for the role with the right skills, experience and attitude.

Offer work experience

We know meeting people just once or twice might not be enough. There are a number of ways you can use a work experience or trial period to get to know a candidate and their potential.

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Potential candidates from services such as DES and Workforce Australia
12 mins
A customer placed in to work on average every 12 minutes
Up to $10,000 available per candidate in potential wage subsidy for employers