Quality Statement

Delivering quality services

MAX Solutions is committed to providing flexible, responsive and innovative services of the highest quality that meet the needs of both individuals and employers. With a dedicated team that strives for excellence, we focus on maximising employment opportunity, prospects and growth for individuals and communities.

Our commitment

Our services

We aim to provide services that focus on our customers strengths and help transition them into work as quickly as possible. Using evidence based interventions, we support the people we work with in actively contributing to their community.

We continuously and consistently measure our performance against customer expectations, and take appropriate and timely action where required.

As individuals

We firmly believe that a diverse workforce fosters innovative thinking, and recognise and respect individual cultural needs, literacy levels, and personal experiences.

We are committed to creating a workplace that embraces and promotes diversity, and will provide a support team that understands the individual needs of our customers, including any cultural and language considerations.

As a team

Our services are supported by partnerships and strategies with industry leading specialists to improve outcomes for both individuals and employers.

We work collaboratively with employer networks and community organisations to provide high quality, tailored services.

As an organisation

All team members are expected to implement and comply with the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2015.

MAX Solutions endeavours to exceed these levels of quality so that all customers may benefit. MAX Solutions is viewed as a partner and the employment, health and training services provider of choice.

Our commitment