Jobs Hub

Published by MAXSolutions on April 19, 2020
Jobs Hub

If you’re currently looking for work, it is worth checking out the Australian Government’s recently launched Jobs Hub.

Created particularly in response to COVID-19 and the rapidly shifting jobs market, Jobs Hub is designed to connect those employers who are scaling up in response to the crisis, with those who are looking for work.

If you’re looking for work, you can see a list of employers with multiple job opportunities in your chosen industry. This gives you a quick overview of the roles on offer from each employer and a link through to see specific roles and begin the application process. Searching this way might inspire you to apply to an organisation that you’d like to work for. Even if your ideal job is not available right now, you may be able to land a job now and work your way to where you’d like to go in the future.

If you’re keen to see what types of jobs have been listed in your area in the last week, this jobs by location function allows you to see just that.

If you click on an area of work that interests you, for example, labouring positions, Jobs Hub will provide you with a customised link through to labouring positions in your chosen area.

This search function might inspire you to expand your idea of your preferred roles. For example, you might see an opportunity to adapt and transfer your existing skills to a slightly different role that is in demand right now.

If you’d like to search the more traditional way and enter your preferred job title, try this general search which allows you to search by keyword, location and industry.

The list of vacancies is updated daily and includes jobs available with both state and federal government departments.

Jobs Hub is a great addition to your online job searching toolkit.

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