Allied Health and Disability Services

Giving people control over their health

Access to health services

We have a team of allied health professionals who work with employment services customers to improve their general health and wellbeing.

A person’s mental and physical wellbeing can impact on the type of work they can do. By identifying goals, agreeing a plan and having regular check-ins, we can help you improve your general health.

The health team is made up of a diverse range of professionals, including psychologists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, social workers and counsellors from different backgrounds. We will introduce you to someone with the right professional background for where you want to focus.

health and disability services

We provide support for

  • Mental and physical health conditions 
  • Drug or alcohol use 
  • Disability services 
  • Pain management 
  • Physical health and strength 
  • Diet and health living 
  • Managing stressors 
  • Low self-esteem or motivation 
  • Low confidence about starting a new job 
  • Uncertainty about what jobs you can do

If you would like more information, or would like to request an appointment, either:

  • Call us on 1800 807 505
  • Speak to your Placement Consultant at your local MAX Employment office

Knowledge and understanding empowers people

Knowing how to manage disability and the impact caused by health conditions empowers both employers and employees with the same level of understanding. 

For people with newly acquired disability, this helps build confidence. For those with long-term health conditions, it can open doors to fresh opportunities.

From initial assessments to preparing for employment or in work support, MAX delivers a range of health and disability support for individuals and organisations.

Access our Workplace Medical Services

Injurynet, a MAX Solutions company, provides workplace medical services for organisations such as injury management, fitness for duty and a range of medical assessments and services. Through our national independent practitioner network, the largest of its kind in Australia, with over 6,500 doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists across 2,900 locations nationally, we can help your business prevent and reduce the impact of injury and illness.

health and disability injurynet

Our newly opened clinic in Oakleigh provides professional psychology and counselling services. The clinic is open to new patients and bookings.

We are accepting new patients and bookings for people with:

  • Mental Health care plan – a referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician
  • Private referrals
  • NDIS

Troy's story

Born with a degenerative condition of the front of the eyes, 25 year old Troy is now an asset to the Solomons' team in Cleveland, Queensland

Troy had undergone numerous cornea surgeries and can still only see out of one eye. With the help of MAX, Tory undertook a four week internship at Solomons Security and Blinds in Cleveland, Qld. This gave employer Darrin the confidence to offer Troy a position. 

“We keep a small crew and keep them multi-skilled so we can move them around. Just last week Troy was out on site helping the fitters. He’s always happy to be here and keen to be working.” 

Troy driving a forklift

Find local disability support

The Disability Gateway is a hub for connecting people with the information and services that might help them. Each section contains videos, and links to available support in each area and you can select your state to ensure you are seeing what is available in your area.

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