What do Job Coaches do?

Published by MAXSolutions on December 13, 2023
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What do Job Coaches do?

While the economy has bounced back after years of disruption, there are many that still either cannot find work or are working in jobs that are insecure. If you live in regional, rural or remote areas, or have barriers to employment such as CALD backgrounds, older age or living with disability finding ongoing employment can be even more difficult.

With the ongoing housing and cost-of-living crises, having sustainable work is a high priority for everyone and our Job Coaches are here to make the process easier for you.

If you have never used MAX or an employment services provider before you may be unsure how exactly our Job Coaches help you and your job search.

Julie Pham, one of our Coaches from Inala in Queensland is here to help you understand the role placement consultants play in your journey to employment and how their expertise can help you. 

Your Job Coach

It all starts with an interview with your coach to create a plan to get you employed again. MAX Job Coaches are trained in finding people work and have detailed understanding of Centrelink.

They receive ongoing coaching and attend workshops to ensure their knowledge is current and up to date.

An important part of the coach’s role is to display care and empathy for customers.

A core principle in motivating people and supporting them is a belief in equality and that every person we work with deserves respect.

These beliefs are what attracts coaches to the industry and what drives them to help you achieve your potential. 

“I feel like I learn something new that I can apply to helping my customers every day. The learning curve pushes me to grow and it helps me motivate my customers.”

During your initial interview you and your coach will identify things you want to work on and put together a customer support plan.

That plan is basically the blueprint; the things we agree on to work together on that will help you achieve what you want to achieve. 

Finding the right local support

Every person has a set of challenges unique to them. We work very closely with our local communities and the supports that are available to make sure our customers can access services that will make them successful.

Job Coaches in your local office will already have contacts at organisations who provide things like housing, specialised disability support, youth works, LGBTIQAP+ specialists, migrant associations.

After creating your plan, we will start the work of linking you to the right support that will help move you towards your goals. 

Training and upskilling

Upskilling or training programs you may be eligible for can be a great way to help you re-enter the workforce.

This could take the form of coaching with interview techniques or assisting with applications and resumes.

It could also mean enrolling you in training or study that can help you meet the needs of employers, the local job market or change industries.

Your coach and the local office will have connections to local training providers and can help identify which organisation might be right for you.

MAX also offers a range of nationally recognised training courses which you can find here.

“Identifying the right role and training needs of every individual customer can be a challenge but helping change the lives of our customers and seeing how thankful they are is a really rewarding part of my job.”

Ready-made network of employers

Networking is a such an important part of job-hunting.

Thankfully, your coach has a network of employers they deal with that are always on the look-out for new staff.

They will use this network to line-up interviews with businesses that best suit your skillset and experience to find the right fit.

Your coach will also have links to large national employers across the country.

So, if you’ve identified an employer you’d like to work with, it’s worth talking to your coach to see if we already have a connection. 

Moral support

Job hunting can be challenging, and sometimes you just need some words of encouragement or someone to talk things through.

Your coach isn’t just there to do the paperwork for you!

They are invested in empowering you to get a job and support you along that journey.

They will continue to check-in even when you land a new gig and are committed to keeping you employed.

“A job coach can have such a significant impact on a customer, our job is help them overcome whatever barriers, be they physical or mental, and find the most suitable job for them.”


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