Solution or service design through partnership and collaboration is key in creating unique or new approaches to particular challenges. 

To meet specially defined needs for clients or customers, we employ a solution design approach using a combination of our existing capabilities, or solution brokering bringing together third parties and aligned services to develop, enhance or create a service.

By working through the specific pain points experienced by clients and customers, we ensure we understand the problem that needs to be solved and provide a solution that is practical, executable and considers all factors.  

MAX team member and customer in timber yard

Examples of tailored solutions

As a people-centred business, we work to bridge the gaps that exist across the crucial human element within all our of clients’ systems and processes.

One example of a tailored solution is our workplace health servicing for MAX Health client Ambulance Victoria. Through the Covid-19 pandemic period we developed tracking of their patients and paramedics through 9,000 potential exposures to Covid-19 and communicating patient test results.

With Ambulance Victoria receiving 24-hour a day access to this data, our solution resulted in less than 1% of paramedics needing to self-isolate, supporting the co-ordination of their return to work to deliver ongoing emergency services.

A client or customer problem can sometimes require a combination of multiple existing services depending on the circumstances. Through the Local Jobs Program, MAX identified an ongoing, unaddressed shortage of skills in the timber sector in Queensland.

Our solution brought together the industry, available jobseekers and our ability to upskill candidates with Certificate-level training, creating a pathway which linked people directly available roles. This is an ongoing service with proven outcomes for the sector.

MAX is a valued partner in identifying, develop and delivering the solutions that drive positive change. Our role is one of an embedded expert in addressing a number of workforce, skills and health needs.