Child Welfare Assessments

Supporting case workers

Helping at risk children secure a nurturing environment

Our child welfare team works in collaboration with Government and non-Government organisations to support case workers.

We support your efforts to provide long-term homes for children in Out of Home Care (OoHC) by providing child assessment services. We also provide training for people in carer or guardianship roles.

We are passionate about delivering professional, child-focused assessments that enable you to provide exceptional outcomes for children and families. 

Each one of our child welfare assessment and training specialists is an expert in their field and supported by a large network of resources and mentors. We operate within a quality assurance (QA) framework to guarantee professional reports and recommendations are provided to you every time. 

Child welfare services

  • Relative and kinship carer assessments and training
  • Foster care assessments and training
  • Step by step 2016
  • Restoration and Parenting Capacity
  • Guardianship assessments and guardianship planning
  • Carer review (all terms of reference)
  • Supervision of contact 
  • Placement reviews
  • Section 90.
Child welfare discussion with guarding

Talk to our team

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Child welfare assessments

Assessment planning and training

Assessments Australia offers a wide range of assessments services designed to support case workers and case work managers with their workload. 

We can also tailor our assessment services to your needs including interstate and regional home visiting. Whatever you need to achieve the best outcome for the family, we can help.

We also provide training and development for people acting as guardians, carers or kinship carers.

Make a referral

Our team of assessors are proud to support case workers and managers as you help at risk children find the safe, supportive and nurturing family environment they need. 

To refer a family to an assessment or training with us, you can start by completing a referral form. Please download the form for the state you operate in.

We will review your referral and provide you with a quote within 24 hours. 

You can email completed referral forms to (or for South Australia agencies).

Select your state and a PDF you can complete will open in a new tab. 

An assessor is assigned to your case

Our team is comprised of specialists who focus entirely on the assessment element of case plans. This means you can focus on other aspects of family care. 

Once you give us approval to proceed, our administration team relieve the pressure from you by matching the requirements of your case to a trusted assessment expert.

Each of our Psychologists or Social Workers has a minimum of three years’ experience in the sector and has undergone a rigorous screening process and validated checks including AFP, WWC, DCSI and Blue Card. 

At Assessments Australia we support the professional development of our assessors so that they can focus on providing high quality, unbiased assessments. 

Conducting our assessments

We are flexible in our approach and work within your parameters while providing a seamless and positive experience for children and their carers.

In the case of assessments, our team specialise in entering a home at a difficult time and engaging with a family who may be in crisis. By providing a compassionate human face while gathering information, they help to put families at ease.

Throughout each assessment, our team are transparent, process driven, innovative and open to feedback to ensure the best outcomes for you and the family you are caring for.

Delivering your quality assured report

Following an assessment, the evidence is reviewed to ensure the needs of the child are met and that we are confident in the long term stability of the placement. Our desire – like yours – is to see family homes sustained until the child reaches the age of 18 and beyond.

The outcomes, reports, recommendations and plans that we make are realistic and designed to assist you to confidently make informed decisions. 

In order to ensure high quality assessment reports in every instance, we work within a comprehensive QA framework. This ensures that each report is reviewed objectively by a highly experienced team member prior to being delivered to you.

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