Delivered by MAX Health, our wide-ranging health service brings qualified personnel together from different clinical backgrounds. 

Our multidisciplinary health team includes doctors, nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, social workers and counsellors. 

We match the diverse community we deliver services with a diverse team with a range of experience. Matching the right people to deliver a service is key in delivering outcomes, understanding people’s needs and interpreting information. 

In the workplace, professional support is critical in ensuring the welfare and safety of employees in different environments. An example of this support is our workplace-focused Nurse Triage service, staffed by nurses registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. The service provides 24/7 support via a telephone hotline to different industries across the country providing quick access to professional health advice. Our in-house doctors and clinicians have at least 15 years of occupational health experience, and specialised training in advanced clinical triage protocols, to support the service and provide clinical oversight.

Smiling Injurynet team member on phone

Focusing on clinical governance, tailored solutions and individualised customer support.

Clinical governance is overseen by our Chief Medical Officer, Dr David Milecki, who has extensive experience in developing and managing medical programs based on robust systems and outcomes. Dr Milecki has trained practitioners in a wide range of medical assessments.

With broad experience in a range of industries and with a diverse team across the country, we are well placed to design tailored services, applying our expertise and experience to deliver to the needs of our customers – the service you want, where you want it. For example, we have developed bespoke Pre-Employment assessment services for Ambulance Victoria which include both general medical and functional assessments, plus additional specialised assessments, for Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) and air ambulance paramedic roles.

A further example is our health surveillance methodologies for crystalline silica health monitoring, delivered both onsite or in-clinic testing to meet the requirements of workplace and the employee.  

On an individual level, our Health Service Officers support our customers in MAX offices every day, while our customer-facing health and wellness digital platform MAXConnect Wellness helps gives people control of their health goals, through a combination of knowledge, support and activity tracking.

The shared focus of our professional teams at MAX Health is the support of our customers’ health and wellbeing.