High quality assessments provide critical information for decision making. 

Our assessments ultimately ensure that any information and reports we provide to our customers and stakeholders is accurate, high quality and clearly articulated. 

Whether medical, training or employment based, our work means people can access targeted and necessary services that help them overcome challenges. In turn, the work we do gives those providing services the confidence and information they need so they can focus on the provision of support.   

Our assessment team for the Program for Students with Disability specialise in cognitive and language assessments in schools in Victoria. These assessments are conducted by highly qualified teams to determine the eligibility of students, support family wellbeing and promote community resilience. We provide crucial independent information to Government to support funding decisions that deliver economic value as well as positive impact in society.

We focus on achieving specific outcomes, for example improving a person’s functional capacity or helping them address combined conditions and circumstances which affect them as an individual. We consistently work towards delivering tangible benefits. 

Mother, father and child in assessment room

Everything from workplace health surveillance, to highly specialised assessments.

We conduct assessments across the country and in community. We work on the ground where our support is most needed. 

Other forms of assessment include our workplace health surveillance services. Our medically-led approach to health monitoring, testing and reporting is designed to support both employers and employees.

We use our Case Management methodology to continually assess our Workforce Australia and DES customers to ensure they are ready for the services we provide, and we adapt our services to suit their needs over time.

We also deliver highly specialised assessments: Our Child & Family Services team provides a range of kinship and foster care assessments within a Quality Assurance framework, enabling timely interventions for children and families across Australia.

As a member of the National Panel of Assessors (part of Disability Employment Services) we deliver workplace assessments to a cohort of external DES participants to understand them, their roles, and their employers. This capability supports other providers who rely on this service to ensure they have the right understanding of their customers and their needs.

Our assessment capability is driven by standardised protocols and qualified and professional staff, ultimately supporting confident decision-making and the consistency of our services.