Case Management is a person-centred approach applied across our range of services at MAX.

Our Employment, Health and Learning teams deliver services at scale without losing sight of the individual at the centre of our service and the variety of factors which can influence progress.

Our methodology combines assessment, planning and ongoing evaluation processes in a structured and optimised way. We start by considering a customer’s goals and individual circumstances. We assess their needs, current skills and preferences, as well as any potential challenges. We make informed decisions to build and implement a plan for the customer, then review progress and consultatively adjust our support activities over time.

We continue to refine our model based on data analysis, the feedback of customers and from our teams.

Happy customer working with staff member in office

Delivering results through Case Management

We apply Case Management approaches across our Employment, Health, and Learning services at MAX.

In Employment Services, including Workforce Australia and Disability Employment Services (DES) programs, our model improves our understanding of our customers and helps us create more sustainable, long term outcomes.

Different servicing strategies are used based on assessment results. These might include non-vocational supports such as health or housing, or vocational supports like starting training, work experience or job search.  

Each stage of Case Management harnesses community resources through local providers and strengthens our connection with them. These links grow our capacity for meaningful, timely interventions to help meet the needs of our customers

Through our provision of Health and Training services at no cost to the customer, we proactively bridge the gaps that can prevent employability for some customers. This aids both Government in positively impacting broader society, and employers in building an effective workforce.

In our workplace health services delivered by Injurynet, we employ well-developed, rigorous case management approaches to our Injury Management Service, including algorithmic decision-making to triage quickly and effectively, and to manage the service confidently through our wide network of partners and health professionals.

Across our training courses, we develop a plan for each student’s growth is supported by ensuring we develop a plan for each individual, whether they are engaging in vocational education, or improving their language, literacy, numeracy and digital skills.