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Published by MAXSolutions on May 02, 2023
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If you are a customer and we have been unable to return your call, we would like to apologise for not getting back to you sooner. We know how frustrating this can be.


Existing Customers:

If you are an existing customer and you’d prefer to avoid wait times on the phone, some tasks you can complete online quickly and conveniently.


Here are some commonly requested enquiries and what you can do. 


Information and Link

I want to change my appointment time

Please use your online MyGov account to check, arrange or reschedule your appointments with MAX. You can use it to log job search activity and check your job search requirements.
For a full list of task cards and videos on a range of topics related to Workforce Australia, other employment services and your requirements, visit:

I need to speak with my MAX Employment Consultant

You can contact your consultant direct via email:

Apply for jobs

MAXConnect is our online job matching and search tool with access to unique jobs across Australia. These are opportunities available to any MAX Employment service customer via our local and national employer partners.
For jobs available, visit:

Need help with your jobsearch

Our website contains a variety of articles on topics including resumes and cover letters, applications, interviews, and much more.

Having trouble logging in to MAX Connect

If this is the first time you've logged in to MAX Connect, you will need your username.

This will be your JobSeeker ID (JSID) followed by e.g.

The first time you login, your password is your surname dot MAX dot the last 3 digits of your JSID, in all capital letters - SURNAME.MAX.789. or

For example:


You will then be able to set your permanent password.

Got a question?

If these tools haven’t been able to help answer your query, please feel free to contact our team.





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