MAX Employment's response to A Current Affair story

Published by MAXSolutions on March 12, 2015
MAX Employment responds to A Current Affair story

On March 12th, Channel Nine’s A Current Affair program aired a story featuring MAX Employment. Before the story aired, MAX Employment provided a statement to A Current Affair categorically stating that MAX Employment is not aware of and has never condoned any kind of fraudulent practices.

This response was published on the A Current Affair website, and you can read our full statement to the program below.

Following the program, A Current Affair issued MAX Employment with a written apology, stating the allegations of fraudulent practices against MAX Solutions were unfounded and false.

MAX Employment does not, and has never, condoned any kind of illegal activity and we are unaware of, and don’t believe there are, any fraudulent practices within the organisation. At no time in MAX Employment’s history have we had a contractual breach.

Every day in collaboration with our partners we strive to provide the very best service for our clients. We are accredited under the Department of Employment’s Quality Assurance Framework. This accreditation was awarded to MAX Employment after a process of rigorous auditing and appraisal, developed by industry experts covering all aspects of sector standards. Additionally, MAX Employment holds current accreditation with ISO 9001:2008 and the National Standards for Disability Services.

Over the past six years MAX Employment placed over 280,000 people into work, many were people from our most marginalised communities. 48 per cent of our sites operate in areas in which the unemployment rate is greater than Australia’s national average. Across the board our placement and outcome rates for all cohorts of job seekers are above industry averages. These people are not numbers on a page or boxes to be ticked; they are real people with aspirations who need someone to believe in them. A large number of them remain in work today as a result of the dedication of our 1,700 person workforce.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about finding jobs and changing lives and this will continue to drive our commitment to our job seekers and employers.

MAX Employment


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