Finding the disability support service you need

We provide a number of services to support people with disability. Depending on your circumstances, there may be different disability support services available to support you. Sometimes, understanding which service is right for you can be confusing. You may have personal preferences, recommendations from Centrelink or specific requirements.

Learn more about disability support services

NDIS and Disability Employment Services

A quick guide to help you understand which employment services are available to you under the two main supports for Disability.

Long term disability

Understand the difference between the Disability Management Service (DMS) and the Employment Support Service (ESS).

School leavers and students

If you’re about to leave school or are an education professional looking to provide support to students, there are a number of ways we support young people.

Injury or illness

If you have an injury or illness, this may qualify as a disability. If you need disability support services to get back in to work, there is assistance available to you.

Disability Support Services

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