Finding the hidden job market

Published by MAXSolutions on November 02, 2020
hidden job market

Technology has changed many things in our lives including how we search for work. But it can be easy to forget sometimes that applying for jobs on Seek isn’t the only way to find work. There are jobs out there that may require a little lateral thinking or detective work to find. The following tips are a few ways you can go about finding opportunities within the hidden job market in Australia.


Where to find the hidden job market


Looking for work through your own network can be another way to uncover those jobs before they get advertised. Your family and friends are a good place to start, you never know who may be hiring until you start asking around.

Another method of finding work within the hidden job market in Australia is to attend job search networking events. Your local council or chamber of commerce will regularly hold these types of events. Special industry meet-and-greets are great too. These events are also more commonly being held online to give everyone a chance to attend.


Use your social media

Facebook is your next logical step to tapping into the hidden job market. With jobs now being advertised more frequently on Facebook, many small businesses are looking towards their followers for recommendations when hiring. So, keep an eye out on social media for news from your favourite businesses, or better yet send them a message and see if they are hiring.

LinkedIn can also be a great tool as many recruiters now use the site as their main method of finding job candidates to find job seekers. The unwritten rules about reaching out to people you don’t know are a bit different on this site as it’s all about creating business connections. That means as long as you are professional, by all means, message any relevant recruiters or managers in your chosen field and see what hidden jobs you can uncover.

Just make sure your profile is up to scratch! Read our article on crafting a successful LinkedIn profile to find out how.


Pound the pavement

While large companies have clear procedures that utilize technology for the recruiting process most small businesses do not. Many small business owners rely on their personal networks and face to face or social media connections. Pounding the pavement and handing out resumes the old-fashioned way is a great way to leave a lasting impression and maybe snag you a new job.


Sell yourself

Finding an opportunity is only the beginning, making sure you are successful in your job hunt is about selling yourself. Especially when you are networking without introductions, leaving a great first impression is key to getting that interview. So, make sure your elevator pitch is on point and your attire is showing you at your best!


Ask for help from the right place

Placement Consultants at MAX have already made many of the local business connections we have suggested above. They can match your skills and interests to a relevant opportunity and provide that introduction for you. They are also aware of the relevant events in your area and can give you guidance on what events may be worthwhile for you. So don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance, they are there to help!


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