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Global expertise

With a clear understanding of the communities we serve, MAXIMUS is committed to improving the lives of citizens worldwide. We offer the dual advantage of having a global presence and a local focus.

We partner with our government clients to deliver practical and innovative solutions, enabling Governments to run critical health and human services programs effectively and efficiently.

MAXIMUS United States

MAXIMUS partners with federal, state and local governments to make public health and human services programs run effectively for the individuals and families they serve. We provide complete health solutions, connecting families to the insurance plans of their choice, conducting assessments that help determine the best health care delivery setting, and providing independent reviews of appeals.

Workforce Programs
A variety of case management, employment and training that help individuals achieve self-sufficiency through sustainable employment.
Technology Solutions
Delivering a wide range of innovative technology services to optimise, modernise and support complex systems and programs.
Support for Government
Providing advice and consultancy services for Government to optimise and deliver human services programs.

Services around the world

MAXIMUS Worldwide

Delivering customer service to citizens through the use of innovative operational and technical solutions for Health Insurance BC, and the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (Themis), and the Employment Program of British Columbia. We also provide eHealth solutions through our Medigent® suite of products.


Providing support to individuals, in particular those with health conditions and disabilities, to find sustainable work. We work with employers to reduce workplace absence by helping their staff to be healthier, fitter and more productive. Our health care professionals also conduct assessments that enable the government determine a person’s eligibility for certain benefit programs. 


Provides assistance to people in Saudi Arabia through the Taqat and Taqat Plus programs. We deliver case management support to help individuals, including those with disabilities, address their barriers to employment and find sustainable jobs.

MAXIMUS Worldwide