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We bring the right job within your reach.

We connect people to meaningful and sustainable employment

When you connect with MAX, you will have a team of health, training and employment professionals alongside you as you journey into meaningful and sustainable employment. You will also have access to a wide network of employers across the country. Want to find out more about the employment services we deliver?

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Whether you've been out of work for a while, or you have an injury or disability, MAX can help.

  • Support in finding potential careers or jobs that suit you
  • Job application support including resumes, cover letters and interview coaching
  • Introductions to potential employers and work placements
  • Access to thousands of jobs with our national employer partners
  • Access to in house health professionals including psychologists and physiologists
  • Soft skills and role specific training
  • Help with transport, tools and uniform costs
  • Support in work

Resources for finding work

Job searching tools

Job searching sites, finding hidden jobs and career snapshots

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Finding entry-level jobs

How you can find, apply and interview for entry-level jobs

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Improve your skills

How to boost your motivation levels, soft skills employers look for

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Resumes and cover letters

Making your application stand out, resume templates and more

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Preparing for a job interview

What to say and not to say in a job interview

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What to wear to a job interview

How you dress has a lot to do with making a great first impression and having a real shot at getting that job

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First day of work

Here are some things you’ll want to get sorted before your first day

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Overcoming new job fears

Common fears of getting a new job and how to overcome them

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Health and wellbeing

Building healthy habits and managing anxiety

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Tools to help you find work you want

MAX Employment is here to help you find the right job for you.

We will help you with each step of the process as you prepare your resume, develop your skills and experience and apply for work. Our help and advice resources can help you find work no matter what stage you’re at, while our online portal MAXConnect can help you manage your service with us and supports your job search.

With the right attitude, the right tools and professional support, success is always closer than you think.