Through our EAP, we deliver a range of effective, engaging programs that will enhance the wellbeing of your employees.

We select content experts who are highly proficient in dealing with group dynamics and getting the most from participants. Your staff will learn new strategies for optimising their health and wellbeing.

They will be provided action plans to implement and anticipate, you will notice a marked difference in their overall performance and their general relationships within the workplace.

Even topics aimed at your employees’ home lives will make a difference at work (in fact we recommend that is where you start).

Health and Wellness Group Sessions
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Mental Health Awareness

This one hour session is for all staff. It focuses on the most common mental health conditions seen in Australian Workplaces: Depression and Anxiety with a brief view at less common conditions. Participants will learn about what to look for when worried about a family member, a friend, a colleague or themselves. They will learn where to access additional assistance and how to be a support over time.

Duration: 1 hour

Mental Health Awareness for Managers

This two hour session is for any leader or supervisor. It also focuses on the most common mental health conditions seen in Australian Workplaces: Depression and Anxiety with a brief view of less common conditions. Managers learn when to worry about a team member or colleague, what to do when they are worried and how to provide support. Case studies in the second half of this session provide an interactive opportunity for managers to explore the more complex aspects of this topic for managers.

Duration: 2 hours


Everybody experiences periods of heightened stress from time to time. What makes some people cope better during these times? There are specific activities individuals can engage in to enhance their resilience during challenging times in their lives. Participants will learn more about natural reactions to stress and how they can better deal with stress in their individual circumstances.

Duration: 1 hour

Adapting to Change

Change affects people differently; and even those who adapt easily to change may struggle with some kinds of change. This program takes the struggle out of adapting and aims to encourage participants to accept a particular change. They are encouraged to appreciate the difference individuals may experience in adapting to change so they can be supportive of their colleagues.

Duration: 1 hour

Leading through Stressful Times

Every organisation goes through difficult periods. There may be a period of increased demand, or an external threat. Leading well during these times is more important than ever; but it’s not easy either. This half day workshop teaches leaders about stress and how to guide their teams through the most difficult times.

Duration: Half day


Workplace diversity is more important now than ever. Organisations are becoming more globalised, and those with greater diversity are outperforming others on many important measures. Participants in this talk learn about the importance of diversity and how they can be more inclusive.

Duration: 1 hour


We all know that sleep is important: a good night’s sleep makes us better partners, better employees and it gives us better health. But, for most people, it is often the first thing to be affected whenever there is any major life challenge. This session looks at how to get the best night’s sleep possible, even in challenging circumstances.

Duration: 1 hour

Domestic Violence Awareness

Domestic violence affects 1 in 6 women and 1 in 16 men (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare). Employees impacted by domestic violence will often be affected at work. There is a lot that workplaces can do to improve the outcomes of those affected by domestic violence. It starts with awareness. This one hour session provides a general overview of domestic violence, and practical guidance for people seeking to help themselves or a colleague. Being a sensitive topic MAX advises that consideration is given to supporting those likely to be distressed.

Duration: 1 hour

Domestic Violence Awareness for HR, Safety and Managers

When an employee identifies as being affected by domestic violence, the issue is often escalated to managers, human resources professionals and safety professionals. People in these roles tend to be the ones who implement the practical strategies that can make a real difference for those affected. This half day program, looks at safety, organisational responsibility and teaches higher level skills for intervening.

Duration: Half day

Financial Wellness

To be fit and healthy we know we need to eat right and stay active. We also know that to stay financial fit and healthy we need to be conscious of our expenses, minimise debt and save for emergencies and/or opportunities. This one hour presentation workshop will allow participants to explore their own financial health & provide simple steps and great take home tips to immediately enhance their current financial position.

Duration: 1 hour

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These sessions are for up to 20 participants. They are available in most locations; but this will depend upon the availability of a content expert in your area. MAX can always arrange for a presenter to travel to you at cost.

On-line training is an option.

  • We accept 7 days notice for a cancellation.
  • Sessions are best delivered at your workplace.
  • All sessions include a relevant reminder about your Employee Assistance Program EAP with MAX.
  • Discounts are available for multiple sessions.

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