How We Support Employers

Helping you find great people

We know what it takes for employers to be able to find and keep people who do a good job. The support we provide is about making sure that you have everything you need to not only attract strong, willing and able candidates, but to keep them in your business for the long term.

How we support employers

Long term support for your business

Find candidates

We work with thousands of people every day, support them to find meaningful and sustainable work. Through our job search platform, MAXConnect, personalised job matching profiles quickly identify people who could work for you.

Train your employees

If you have specific training needs, we can support your potential employees to qualify and prepare them for work. We can also provide ongoing training to further develop employees in the future.

Financial support

We can help you access government funding when you employ someone through an eligible employment service.

In work support

Once people find work, we work to ensure they stay. In work support can cover a number of things, from workplace modifications to coaching and ongoing mentoring. We provide people with the support to make sure everything continues to run smoothly once they start.

Long term support for your business

Support available

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Financial Support
You could receive a wage subsidy of up to $10,000 depending on the individual you hire. Find out more about the incentives that are available.
We offer an Employment Assistance Program to our employer partners. Learn more about our EAP and see if it could help you improve your business.
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