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Published by MAXSolutions on January 21, 2021
Gumtree jobs

What is Gumtree?

Gumtree is one of the most visited websites in Australia, with over 7 million visitors per month and around 2.5 million listings, anything and everything can be found on Gumtree. Using Gumtree jobs can be a great way to find work especially for those looking for temporary work, are recent high school graduates, or those wishing to work with smaller local businesses.


Why use gumtree jobs?

The large amount of traffic the website receives means that there are endless opportunities for work on Gumtree jobs. While it may not list jobs for every industry, there are many benefits to those looking for particular types of work.


Looking for temporary or part-time work?

Everybody’s situation is different and with the rise of the gig economy, those looking for more flexible work now have the opportunity. Many smaller businesses that don’t have the budget to advertise on bigger job sites or use recruitment companies will use Gumtree jobs.

Gumtree is a great place for these businesses to advertise part time or casual roles. For those that may have caring or family responsibilities that limit your ability to work full-time, this could be a great option.


Looking for a first job?

If you are looking to join the workforce for the first time, gumtree jobs could be a great place to look. There is a large number of entry-level roles in industries such as hospitality, logistics, cleaning services, and construction that would be great for those starting out and building experience for their resume.

If you have just left school and looking to travel and work, you have plenty of choices too. Many regional and rural farming and hospitality jobs are available for those willing to travel to far-flung parts of the country and see a different side of their backyard.


Looking for something local?

Chances are your local café may not be advertising on Seek. A lot of smaller neighborhood businesses rely on recruiting through their own personal networks to keep costs down or. That’s why Gumtree jobs is filled with local job ads because it’s free. This means you could find a great local job that you may not through traditional job searching methods.


Looking for a business opportunity?

Ready to start something of your own but not sure where to begin? Maybe running with an established business could be the way to go. Gumtree jobs also have businesses for sale. Food trucks, carpet cleaning, or horticultural services are just a few opportunities that are advertised for sale.

How to look for jobs on Gumtree

Step 1

If you don't already have a Gumtree account, you can easily sign up at

Gumtree Step 1

You can sign up with your email address and password or follow the prompts to sign in with your Facebook or Google account.


Step 2

Navigate to the jobs section of the website. You'll see in the top search bar you can refine by your region.

Gumtree Step 2

Step 3

Once you hit search you'll be able to further refine by work type in the left hand column.

Gumtree Step 3

Note: The top section is a paid feature for business's to have their ads appear at the top of the search. 

Step 4

Once you see a job that interests you, click through to find more information. 

In this view you will see:

  • The type of work (casual, full time or part time)
  • The salary
  • The listing date of the ad and the 'Gummie' who is the user that posted the ad.

Gumtree Step 4

Step 5

Apply! There are a number of actions the Gummie might prompt you to make to apply for the job, including sending an email with your resume, or simply calling them. 

That's it! Now to wait to hear if you have been successful with your application.

Things to be wary of

Things that seem too good to be true normally are. Try and cross reference the job with other sources to make sure the job you're applying for is legitimate.


  1. Gumtree ads or users that asks for personal photographs before hiring you. Even modelling and acting jobs would usually arrange a one on one interview to see your portfolio, not email your headshot through
  2. Gumtree ads or users that ask for upfront payment for training or otherwise. Any serious company would cover the costs for any training needed
  3. If you speak to anyone or attend a meeting with someone who threatens your health and safety in anyway end the conversation immediately. Report these users on the Gumtree website by clicking 'report'.

Good luck and happy job searching!

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