The best job searching websites for Australia

Published by MAXSolutions on October 15, 2020
job searching websites

The days of looking in the classifieds for a job opening are long gone, the internet is full of resources and job searching websites to help you on the hunt for work. If you are an employer, it also helps to know where your time spent recruiting is most effective. Here are the best job search sites to start.


The best job searching websites for Australia

  • MAXConnect Jobs
  • Government Job Hubs
  • SEEK
  • Indeed
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Ethical jobs
  • Grad connection
  • Gumtree


MAX Connect jobs

If you are a MAX customer, the best place to start is with MAX Connect. Our online job matching and search tool has access to unique jobs all across Australia, through our local and national employer partners. Once you have completed your My Job Fit profile, MAX Connect will match available jobs to both your interests and skillsets. You can easily apply for a job, upload and store your resume or create one from scratch with the built in resume editor.

Find Jobs on MAXConnect


Government sites

The Australian Government has its own job searching website. Job Search allows employers to list job opportunities for free. The website has a strong focus on industries that are in demand, as well as on employers that need staff as soon as possible. There are many jobs listed here, particularly in industries that were hard hit by border closures during COVID-19 like agriculture.

You can also use the Government’s job hubs portal. This gives you links to other job searching tools and a wealth of data on your local area’s employment trends.



Seek is probably one of the first job seeking websites you look at when starting your job hunt. That’s because at any one time there are over 18,000 advertised roles online! Seek make job searching easy with the ability to store multiple resumes and cover letters. Applying for jobs is simple too, it takes just one click of a button once your profile is set up.

Employers do need to pay to post jobs on Seek. So be aware that some smaller local businesses might not advertise positions. Also, due to its popularity in Australia, employers are inundated with applications, meaning unless your CV really stands out it may get missed. If you need some help, read our article about how to make your resume pop.




Another job searching website you need to check out is Indeed. They are the world’s most popular job board with over 200 million monthly job seekers in more than 60 countries. With today’s interconnected world allowing you to use your skills globally, why limit yourself to Australia?

Indeed also don’t charge employers to post job adverts so it allows smaller and more local or regional businesses to advertise their opportunities too. Be prepared to spend more time sifting through ads. Due to its size and the huge amount of jobs on offer, it may take longer to find the jobs you are looking for.


Social Media

You don’t just have to just rely on job seeking websites when searching for a job, you can jump on your socials and find them there too! LinkedIn has become one of the most important tools in a recruiter’s arsenal with over 90% of HR professionals actively using the site to find new employees.

Traditionally, LinkedIn focused on professional, white-collar roles. But its recent growth means there are now roles on offer from every industry you can think of. Trying to find work on a social media site like LinkedIn requires a little more work to setup your profile, we have provided some advice on how to craft a Linkedin profile properly. But once you’ve done it, the job offers come to you!

Facebook can be another great tool to find roles that may not be listed on job searching websites. With Facebook having over 15 million Australian members, you never know when one of your friends might know someone who is hiring! Local businesses also tend to reach out to their followers when they have opportunities going. In 2020, Facebook also started allowing people to post jobs directly in the platform so you may already be getting suggestions for local opportunities.

It’s worth noting that if you are trying to find jobs through your socials, you should make sure your profile shows the best side of you. Keeping it on private is always a good bet but when reaching out through your network it may be harder to hide your personal life .


Specialist job search sites

There are a range of specialist job searching websites that cater to specific job markets too. While it’s always good to keep your options open, if you have a strong focus on the not-for-profit sector you may want to check out Ethical jobs. Maybe you are about to finish uni and looking for graduate opportunities? A job seeking website like Grad connection could be perfect.

There are tons of other websites out there that are focused on particular industries. Due to their smaller size, you may have a better chance of your resume getting seen and securing that perfect job.


Gig economy

We all know the economy is changing. Casual work is becoming more common. Websites like GumtreeFiver and Airtasker are full of these kinds of opportunities. While many jobs may be one off gigs, don’t discount the ability to find regular work with the connections you make. If you are getting enough work in your field, it may even turn into the next small business success story!

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