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Published by MAXSolutions on January 08, 2024
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Trying to fit study in around family commitments and work can be difficult.

Thankfully, studying vocational education has become easier with the ability to study your qualifications online.

While the convenience of online study is great, there are certain things you might want to watch out for to study online effectively.

What are the challenges of studying online?

Online learning can be tough for different reasons and depends on your circumstances.

Some people may have very busy households that makes it hard to find a quiet space to concentrate on study.

Others might have lots of competing commitments in their life which makes it challenging to juggle their online education.

Applying effective strategies to get the most out of studying online is so important to ensure you get the best results you can!

Tips to study online effectively

Organizing Your Study Space

Having a space designated for online study can be a great way to keep you focussed.

You don’t necessarily need a private office space or study nook at home either, your local library usually has plenty of free, quiet, and air-conditioned space to study.

You could even study at your local park or on the beach if nature keeps you in the zone!

Wherever you find it easiest to study, just make sure you have access to internet, your device is charged, and you are loaded up with healthy snacks and water (sugary treats aren’t great for focus!) 

Managing distractions

With some much going on in our lives a big part of being a successful online student is being able to manage distractions.

Some things may be less in your control such as family members that need care if you study at home.

You can limit this by being clear about your expectations for older family or waiting for younger members to go to bed.

There is one major distraction, however, that is well within your control, your phone. Keeping it on silent or do not disturb is one way to minimise distraction, or you could download a free productivity app such as forest to gamify your study habits!

Get motivated

One of the big pitfalls of online education is losing motivation. That’s why it is incredibly important to be clear about the reasons you are studying.

Are you studying to achieve a better work-life balance?

Is this qualification going to lead to a better quality of life?

Or is it just something you are truly passionate about?

It might be a good idea to write down these reasons so you can refer to them regularly to keep you on track.

Set goals

While completing your study is your ultimate goal, setting smaller goals that can help track your progress is another way to keep you motivated.

As online learning is self-paced, you could set completing units in a certain time frame as a goal.

Vocational education is not graded in the same way as school or university is, it is based on a level of competency to pass. But that doesn’t mean you can’t set your own higher standards to try and achieve.

Make your goals relevant to you and your situation.

Reach out to others

One of the best ways study online effectively is to make sure you involve other people.

Your trainers are there to help you succeed, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have or seeking more information on a related topic that interests you.

So too for your fellow students, being able talk through what you have learned or sharing what you find tough in the course can help you feel less alone. These people could also be your future colleagues so start building that team spirit!


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