How to structure your day when you're unemployed

Published by MAXSolutions on October 11, 2018
structure your day

Feeling listless and unmotivated? Here's a structure to help.

Treating your job search like a full time job will keep you motivated and productive!

7:00am - Start your day at the same time every day. Shower and dress in real clothes (read: not your pyjamas). This will stop you from crawling back to bed.

7:30am - Eat a healthy breakfast. It keeps you alert and boosts your mood.

8:00am - Life admin. Do the school run, pay outstanding bills, check your Facebook. Take a deep breath, your super productive day is about to start.

8:30am - Job search time! Look and apply for new positions. Remember to update your resume and tailor your cover letter for each one. Yes, this may take longer, but it’s better to send out 10 tailored resumes and cover letters than 1,000 generic ones (here's a bunch of templates to help you get started).

10:00am - Quick break. Get up, have a snack, and take a walk outside. Exposure to natural light releases serotonin, the happy hormone :) (it also helps us sleep better at night!).

10:30am - Back into it! Time for research and networking. Research the industries you want to work in, list some companies, give them a call to find out who handles the hiring, and send your resume and cover letter to them. It may sound scary, but once the first one is out of the way it becomes easier!

Remember, LinkedIn can also help you out if you want to reach out to hiring managers. Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Click here to read our blog on LinkedIn tips for job seekers.

12:30pm - Lunch break. Keep sugary snacks and drinks to a minimum, or you’ll crash and burn around 4pm.

1:30pm - Take the time to work on your skills. This can be through volunteering, online webinars, training sessions at your local MAX office, even looking at a simple ‘how to’ YouTube video or blog!

3:00pm - Break time. Get up and stretch your legs, have another (healthy) snack, grab that last bit of afternoon sun before it sets!

3:30pm - Your brain is starting to slow down. Start planning out what job search activities you’ll be doing tomorrow, what companies you’ll call, and what upskilling or learning you’ll achieve.

5:00pm - Exercise, life admin, wind down! Your working day has finished. Spend time with your loved ones and go to bed happy with the knowledge you’re one step closer to landing a job!

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