Have you felt the benefits of EAP

Published by MAXSolutions on September 16, 2021
Have you felt the benefits of EAP?

The most common feedback MAX receives about our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is that people are surprised at how helpful it is. People get a lot more out of speaking with our counsellors than they think they will. You may be aware of how helpful the program can be, but maybe awareness of it at your workplace isn’t as good as you’d like it to be.

At MAX, we find that well promoted programs are well used. When awareness of the program is high, use of the program is also high which means more people are getting the help they need.


What are some things that you can do to raise awareness of your EAP at your workplace?

Different promotional activities will work at different workplaces. MAX has printed promotional materials: posters, wallet cards and flyers; but if your workplace is paperless, or if everyone is working remotely, or if you have no noticeboards, these solutions may not work for you.

MAX also has an e-flyer which you might like to print for your office, email to your team or upload to your intranet.

Talking to people about the EAP is effective too. Include a mention of the service during an unusually challenging time at work; on awareness days such as RUOK? Day; during communications of distressing news.

Make sure you mention that the service is confidential, voluntary and short term. All our counsellors are psychologists or social workers so your colleagues can be confident that they are in good hands.

The single best way to promote the service is by hosting an awareness session.

MAX includes a number of these free of charge in most organisations’ membership fee. They are short (20 – 30 minute) talks that describe the service, when people might use it, how to access it and we answer the most common questions people have.

It is best to add an awareness session to a meeting that is happening anyway. We can run them virtually or in person where restrictions allow.

If you would like to order some promotional materials, or schedule an awareness session for your organisation contact us at support@maxsolutions.com.au or call us on 1800 629 277 in Australia and +61 7 3809 5117 from outside Australia.


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