FAQ: Vocational Training

At MAX, we are focused on your future – on giving you the skills to learn and earn in a competitive marketplace, and the confidence and self-belief to be the very best you can be. Our aim is for you to achieve high levels of competency in your chosen skills and we will assist you to achieve your goals through learning. 

Your trainers will be there for you, providing support every step of the way.

If you are experiencing anything that might prevent you from successfully completing your studies, our team can help you to overcome these challenges. 

We are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 0667) and many of our courses are nationally recognised, leading to an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualification. 

Much of our training comes at no financial cost to individuals using an employment service like Workforce Australia or Disability employment Services, but for some there will be fees, depending on your eligibility and the state you live in. You may be eligible for full funding or access to reduced course fees. 

Some examples of funded programs include the Certificate 3 Guarantee program, User Choice, and Job Trainer. 

In each case, there will be eligibility criteria. To find out more about costs and funding eligibility contact our Training Team.

Upskilling and gaining new skills and qualifications is often the first step to getting the type of job you’re interested in. 

Whether completing a course leads you straight into employment or into the next step towards a job, it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

We can help you look at the career pathways of individual qualifications to understand where it might lead and what potential job roles you would do in the future. Training works best when combined with experience. Once you've enrolled in a course, consider work experience to help improve your chances.

Everyone’s journey looks a little different, however the MAX Training Team will help you plot your pathway to success. 

When looking forward to your future career, it’s important to consider your interests, your existing skills and qualifications and where you want to go.

A good place to begin is to do some research. Have a think about the sorts of industries you'd like to work in or skills you'd like to acquire. 

We have a range of courses available covering different industries and different stages of your career. You can start by looking at our available courses, what you will learn, how long it will take, where and how we deliver the training and whether it includes a vocational placement.

Researching your course gives you the confidence that it’s right for you. If you’re still unsure, chat to our Training Team. 

Online study and face-to-face study are very different. Depending on you, your learning style and your schedule, you need to consider whether an online course will suit you.

If you find your schedule makes attending in-class study difficult, you are self-motivated and have consistent access to a computer and internet access, online study could be the right choice for you. In some cases, your remote location may require that any study you undertake is online. 

Our online training team will be there to help you every step of the way. You will receive mentoring and guidance from your trainer and together devise a study plan to help you stay on top of your course material. 

You can also access additional support through email, phone and Skype. 

At MAX we are committed to dynamic, customer-focused courses. Our aim is for you to achieve high levels of competency in your chosen course and we will assist you to achieve your goals through online learning. 

Online courses with MAX are designed to provide you with skills, knowledge and the right information to ensure real and tangible value through best-practice expertise. We maintain a learning environment that enables your success. 

Our trainers are available to meet with you regularly via phone and online communication methods. They are there to support you as you balance work, study and family life to keep your studies on track. 

As we also deliver employment services, once you finish your course we can also talk with you about future options. This could be connecting you with work experience, further training or potential job opportunities.

We’re also available via phone and email to assist you as you need it. If you experience any difficulties we will be there to assist you.