FAQ: MAXConnect

MAXConnect is our suite of digital tools designed to support better health and wellbeing, and to help you find and keep a job. There are two platforms: Jobmatch and Wellness. You can use the same login details for both platforms.

MAX offices are yours as much as they are ours. You will continue to have scheduled appointments, but if you wish to come in and get on MAXConnect using our computers or our terminals, feel free.

You’re always welcome.

Your username takes the format '123456789@max-connect.com.au'. The numbers are your JobSeeker ID (JSID).

Your JobSeeker ID is unique to you. You can find it by:

Through your job seeker account on myGov - How to link your jobactive website account in myGov

Contacting Services Australia

On your job plan

If you have forgotten your password or would like to change it, this can be done through MAXConnect Jobmatch.

When you try to login, click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the prompts to reset your password.

When you have reset your password for MAXConnect Jobmatch, this will automatically update your password for MAXConnect Wellness too.

What is MAXConnect Jobmatch?

MAXConnect Jobmatch is an online portal helping you prepare for employment by connecting you to real jobs and employers across Australia. MAXConnect Jobmatch is designed to help you easily manage the journey from unemployment to sustainable full time work.

When you sign up to MAXConnect Jobmatch you can:

- Access thousands of available jobs

- Apply for jobs instantly

- Find jobs matched to your skills

- Access tailored job search tools, support and training services

- Read blogs with tips, links and useful contacts to help achieve your employment goals.

When you complete your My Job Fit profile, it gives us insight into your skills, experience and interests. MAXConnect Jobmatch then links you with the jobs available that might fit you best, putting you in the driver seat to navigate through jobs matched to you skills.

MAXConnect Jobmatch also contains an online resume builder and a range of templates that you can use to build the perfect resume. 

MAXConnect Jobmatch features Microsoft Word Online and uses the Microsoft login screen to give you access. In MAXConnect Jobmatch you can build and edit your resumes. From here, you can create and update your resume in Word. You can edit any documents created in Office 2016 and Office 365. If you have a resume already made in another program (such as Notepad, Google Docs, WordPad or even old versions of Word), simply copy and paste the information from the old document into a new one and you’re ready to go.

There are many reasons!

Firstly, the job listings you see after you have completed your My Job Fit profile are personalised to you. This means you can save time, seeing just the jobs that are suited to you and your skillset, qualifications and the type of work you would like.

Being part of MAXConnect Jobmatch allows you to search and apply for opportunities anywhere, anytime by logging in on your own computer or device.

If you attend a Qualify and Prepare session delivered by our employer service team, you are more than 50 times more likely to land the job than those applying elsewhere online.

In some cases, if you are shortlisted for a job you have applied for, our employer service team will conduct group sessions with you and the other shortlisted candidates.

These sessions are designed to prepare you and provide you with information about the employer and the role that isn’t available publicly.

This information gives you a boost – both in knowledge and confidence during an interview process. Customers that attend a Qualify and Prepare session are more than 50 times more likely to get a job than those applying generally online.

What is a “My Job Fit” profile? "The My Job Fit profile is our unique way of connecting you with the right job.

When you join MAXConnect Jobmatch, you will be asked to complete a profile and My Job Fit questionnaire – the information you provide will help us match you to a job that best suits your skills and ability.

It should take you about 30 minutes, but save you a lot of time and help us find the right job for you. It also allows us to ensure that once you’ve got the job you want, we can provide you with the tailored support you may need to keep it.

We don’t want to waste your time, so when you come in to meet with our team, we can talk to you about the questionnaire and that perfect job fit, and we can even begin to find you the right job from the very first time you come in to see us.

Jobs come from all sorts of places. For example, employers might call us and say they have a job available and provide us with the list of requirements.

We also go and find jobs—we talk to employers, and gain an understanding of labour markets. In fact, we have over 30 people tasked with managing our partnerships with employers. Relationships of trust and confidence mean we are often the first port of call for those employers when they’re looking for staff.

With our partner employers, we know things about the role or selection process that provide our customers with a competitive advantage in finding, securing and sustaining work.

All of this means when you jump on MAXConnect Jobmatch there are many jobs there available to you right now and every opportunity has added value, not available anywhere else.

MAXConnect Wellness is our online platform that supports you to achieve your health and wellness goals. This platform has helped many customers feel better in themselves, which also supports them in their employment journey . Health and wellbeing are linked to employment – so the better you feel, the more successful you will be.

The platform is available to all MAX's DES (Disability Employment Services) and JVES (Jobs Victoria Employment Services) customers.

Access MAXConnect Wellness using your web browser on your desktop or mobile phone, or download the NexJ Health Coach App from the Apple or Google App Stores.

The platform is free to use for eligible MAX customers.

If you’re not feeling great, if you feel things are getting on top of you, or you just want to take some control over your health and wellbeing, MAXConnect Wellness has lots of different features that can support you to do this. For example, it includes health and activity trackers, and a large health library where you can find trusted information on anything from mental health to employment to financial support. It can also create a personalised health plan for you to follow, based on your preferences.

Yes, you can log in on any computer available to customers in your nearest MAX office. Just make sure you sign out of your account when you are done.

This link will take you to the landing page, where you just need to click the sign up button. If you have a MAXConnect Jobmatch account, you can use the same login information that you use: JSID@max-connect.com.au and use your MAXConnect password.

MAXConnect Wellness