MAX Solutions to pilot National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) School-Leavers Support Programme

Published by MAXSolutions on March 23, 2016
MAX Solutions to pilot National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) School-Leavers Support Programme

MAX Solutions has been named as a provider to help school-leavers with a permanent disability enter the workforce as part of the National Disability Insurance Agency’s School-Leaver Employment Supports trial.

The School-Leaver Employment Supports pilot will be delivered throughout Tasmania and the ACT for two years. The pilot specifically targets school-leavers with intellectual, psychiatric and physical disabilities that impact on their day-to-day functioning and who are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme from 2015.  

MAX Solutions will deliver the pilot program in all 28 of their sites throughout Tasmania and the ACT. According to Deborah Homewood, the company’s managing director, the new program is crucial in supporting school-leavers with additional needs to transition into employment. “Tasmania and the ACT have youth unemployment rates of 15 per cent and 11 per cent respectively. More needs to be done to assist young people with disabilities to finish school and explore their employment options.”

School-leavers with additional needs will be provided with intensive, tailored support for up to two years to help them transition into the workforce and succeed there. Said Ms Homewood, “We want to work with school-leavers as well as their families and carers to create long-term employment outcomes, and to help them see work as a realistic and achievable goal.” 

An essential component of the program is enabling young people with disabilities to explore job opportunities and gain on-the-job training and experience through actual work placements. Individuals who are placed in jobs will continue to receive individualised supports to help them be successful in their placement.

In recognition of the crucial role employers will play in the program, the School-Leaver Employment Support pilot offers training and information to help employers and their staff to assist and enable workers with disabilities in the workplace. 

"Employers can reap huge benefits from providing opportunities to school-leavers with disabilities,” said Ms Homewood. 

“Our experience is that individuals with disabilities are highly valued by employers when they are placed in positions where the duties match their strengths and capabilities.  Research also shows that employers who hire people with disabilities are highly regarded in the community and can enjoy higher levels of productivity and staff loyalty. It’s a win-win.”

Employers interested in participating or supporting the program are encouraged to contact MAX Solutions by contacting the MAX Employer Hotline on 1800 206 346 or visit for more information.


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