MAX Solutions Annual Review 2020

Published by MAXSolutions on February 21, 2021
Customer from cover of annual review

MAX has published its Annual Review for 2020 – providing an overview of performance across our employment, health and training services.

In a year dominated by COVID-19, MAX was proud to support more than 219,000 Australians through our employment services alone. We were also privileged to deliver critical health support services to communities impacted by bushfires.

Highlights for the year include:

  • More than 42,000 customers supported into employment
  • The delivery of more than 29,000 individual health sessions. A 32% year-on-year increase
  • A 232% increase in students enrolled in a MAX qualification
  • Acquisition of specialist workplace health business, Injurynet

MAX Solutions Annual Review 2020 provides both a national and state-by-state overview of our performance in 2020.

Managing Director, Deborah Homewood, said: “The impact of COVID brought the hardships of unemployment, as well as linked issues like mental health, into sharp focus for many Australians in 2020. 

“Just as our society had to readjust to that new reality, so too did MAX. In 2020, we rapidly digitized many of our services so that we could support our customers in employment, health and training either online or over the phone. 

“We also continued to help tens of thousands of people into employment across the country. On average, supporting a customer into work every 12 minutes in 2020. 

“We understand that our success is critical to the individuals and communities we serve across the country. Every successful opportunity we deliver adds value to society by supporting sustainable economic growth and reducing the socio-economic impact associated with unemployment.

“As this year’s Annual Review shows, we were very proud to support someone into employment, on average, about every 12 minutes in 2020.

“We are extremely proud of this impact and believe it is a testament to the values that define us as an organization. We understand that every person we serve has the right to opportunity.”

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