KimPossible - Kim shows nothing is impossible

Published by MAXSolutions on September 29, 2020

When we think of people who inspire us to achieve in the face of enormous challenges, we think of customers like Kim Muscat. 

Kim’s journey proves nothing is impossible for people who are determined and motivated.

Kim has lived with a range of serious health conditions for much of her life including Polycythaemia (Rubra) Vera.

Polycythaemia vera is a blood a disorder whereby the bone marrow makes too many blood cells. This condition means Kim’s blood is abnormally thick and flows slowly giving rise to symptoms including headaches, dizziness and shortness of breath. 

To tackle this health challenge, Kim sees specialists and undergoes regular therapy to help slow the production of red blood cells. 

For a time, the treatment left Kim suffering debilitating side effects and to her dismay, she was unable to work at all for many months.

During this time, Kim’s MAX team in Ipswich continued to support Kim in various ways and connected her with other organisations in the area that could meet her needs during this very challenging time. 

These included referrals such as to the Chronic Disease Care Coordination through EACH Coordin8 to help manage her medical treatments and assistances to overcome other barriers to returning to sustainable employment. 

“This is one of the things I love about working for MAX,” says one of Kim’s consultants, Peter Jeffrey. 

“We genuinely care for our customers and wherever possible continue to support them, even when they’re not directly engaged with one of our services.”

Combining intensive health treatment and these supports with Kim’s determination to re-join the workforce meant she was ready for employment again in mid-2020.  

Continuing to work alongside the MAX team for the next step in her journey, Kim was delighted to be offered a new role through Chandler McLeod. 

“Kim is super excited about being able to get back into the workforce,” confirms Nicole Woodward, Placement Consultant and one of Kim’s support team from MAX in Ipswich. 

Currently working at the Tip Top bakery in Slacks Creek, Kim uses the food hygiene knowledge she gained in previous roles such as a breakfast chef to provide high quality cleaning services within the food production facility. 

While many people would shy away from work while living with an array of health conditions like Kim does, Kim’s determination to get back into the workforce has seen her achieve employment during this challenging COVID-19 environment.

Congratulations Kim and thank you for providing an inspiring example. We wish you all the best with your health and work. 

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