Jarrod joins the KFC Family

Published by MAXSolutions on October 26, 2021
Jarrod Lowerson

Jarrod Lowerson is vivacious. He is animated and speaks passionately with his hands, he loves jokes, fitness and is strong and highly energetic.

“Jarrod has a strong desire for success and achievement. He stands tall and he has a somewhat ‘magic’ effect on people,” says MAX Business Manager Amanda Rosser. 

Living with Asperger’s Syndrome, Jarrod's high energy levels mean he can often complete tasks quickly making him a very valuable employee.

Jarrod was part of a pilot program at MAX designed to give our Disability Employment Support (DES) customers the best chance of finding a job that suits them and the best chance of staying in it.

As part of this, Jarrod completed three shifts through a NWEP (National Work Experience Programme) placement at KFC in Robina. 

During this time, he was able to learn the skills and tasks required in the role and practice these in the work environment. 

He then undertook a productivity assessment giving the KFC team the opportunity to see what Jarrod was capable of in the role. Pleased with Jarrod and the outcome of the assessment, the team were pleased to offer him a paid position. 

Jarrod admitted that adjusting to the new role was challenging at first – but he was willing to listen and learn from his new colleagues, who helped him settle into the KFC family.

Jarrod’s MAX in-work-support team also worked alongside him, helping him to develop his workplace skills. From coaching him through the correct safety procedures, through to designing laminated cards for the shelves in the cool room – the team helped Jarrod make both safety and accuracy his priorities. 

Given his efficiency, the team also helped Jarrod with confidence in and strategies around asking his managers for new duties after he finishes his task list. This way he can be confident he’s doing the tasks that are most valuable to his team.

“Jarrod has proven to be an excellent employee,” says Amanda Rosser, MAX Business Manager. “He is reliable, punctual and has a professional attitude to work,” she says. 

“The staff and management love having Jarrod as part of the team. He arrives each shift armed with a joke, bringing smiles and laughter to the workplace,” says Amanda.

“Alongside a supportive employer in KFC Robina, we’re delighted to have supported Jarrod into work,” she says.

To find out more about Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder, visit Autism.

Our DES team connect those with disability, injury or health condition with the support they need to find the work they want.

Image: Jarrod Lowerson. 

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