Youth tackle unemployment with PaTH 

Tristan, Casey, Sadiyo, Kaylee and Tylah have all found success with PaTH. Read their stories.

September 15 2017

19 year old Casey displaying new waste management skills at Coles internship Burleigh Waters, QLD.

Young people are finding it increasingly difficult to find full-time work. Lack of qualifications and experience, location, or growing up in a disadvantaged background often contribute to this growing problem.

The Youth Jobs Prepare, Trial, Hire (PaTH) program aims to tackle this problem by preparing young people aged 15-24 for work.

After kicking off in April 2017, the PaTH program has benefited young people looking for work with:

Prepare –

Preparing young people for work through Employability Skills Training (EST) to help improve chances of finding and keeping a job.

Trial –

Internships provide the opportunity to trial work in a preferred industry as well as gain experience, self-confidence and on the job skills.

Hire –

Employers are encouraged to hire young people through the PaTH program with incentives from the Australian Government to help cover costs of recruitment and training.

20 year old Tristan from Ridgeway, TAS is reaping the benefits of the PaTH program. Unemployed since graduating high school in 2014 and becoming increasingly unmotivated, Tristan was encouraged to participate in block 1 of EST by MAX Employment Hobart Placement Consultant (PC) Tash Mansfield. Tash said the training completely changed Tristan’s outlook.

“He attended every day, even when he was sick,” she said.

“When he got a break he would voluntarily come out and speak to me so we could do research on how to become a Personal Trainer and create a path to his dream job.”


After Tristan completed block 1 of EST, Tash used her network to secure an internship at Tim’s Fitness, a local gym in Hobart. Tristan completed a 6 week internship at the gym and has now been accepted into a Certificate III in Personal Fitness to become a qualified Personal Trainer.

19 year old Casey from Merrimac, QLD is experiencing similar success with his internship at Coles Burleigh Waters. Casey experiences difficulties in communicating and managing stress, and with little family support, he was not hopeful for the future.

Palm Beach Health Services Officer (HSO) Natalie Thoumine worked with the Coles store manager to create an internship opportunity for Casey. Since completing his four week internship, Casey has matured in waves.

“I’m in a routine now; I get up on time, make sure my uniform is ready and come into work,” he said.

“I’m excited for whatever comes next.”

Somalian migrant Sadiyo in Parramatta, NSW struggled to maintain permanent employment due to the language barrier. Unemployed on and off since mid-2015, Sadiyo was set on a career in childcare and undertook a Diploma to help her achieve this.

MAX Auburn Business Development Officer Rupesh Afre explained the benefits of a PaTH internship to Future Stars Early Learning Centre in Ermington. They found it very helpful as it gave them an opportunity to trial a prospective employee, ensuring they find a right candidate for the job.

After her four week internship finished, Future Stars Early Learning had found Sadiyo to be very competent, knowledgeable and professional and offered her paid employment. Sadiyo is very happy that she will be continuing work with Future Stars for the foreseeable future.  

22 year old Kaylee from Logan, QLD spent four years studying Laboratory and Medical Science at Griffith University receiving high grades and following her passion of science. Upon graduating, Kaylee was struggling to land a job in her field when she found the perfect opportunity:  a position at QLD Fertility in Next Generation Sequencing. Kaylee eagerly applied, but was worried her interviewing ability would not be up to scratch.

MAX Trainer Lisa Corica worked with Kaylee in block 1 of EST to help her overcome her nerves and worry around interviewing.

“We went one on one with interviewing techniques the afternoon before the interview. I helped her with some questions that commonly get asked. Helped her put some things together to be prepared.”

Kaylee said the exercises she and Lisa did together through the first two weeks of the PaTH program really helped her interview skills.

“That really helped, having the questions there and my answers to them - it relaxed me a lot more. Well, I wasn’t relaxed, but it made me feel a lot better. “

Kaylee was successful in securing the position and has maintained employment with QLD fertility for over three months now.

19 year old Tylah has new found confidence after completing a hospitality internship with Dream Cakes by Dorita in Gympie, QLD. 

Tylah has overcome a number of obstacles including a toxic relationship and lack of confidence to complete the twelve week internship. Frances says Tylah was concerned that she would disappoint a future employer.

“With PaTH, there wasn’t as much pressure for Tylah to perform straight away, or risk wasting the employer’s time.”

Tylah has been a great hit with her employer, Dorita, who offered Tylah permanent employment on completion of the internship.

For more information on the PaTH program contact our training team or call 1800 021 560. 

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