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June 22 2017

Grace's recipe for success

“She has a different way of thinking, everyone does and it’s a matter of knowing this and working with it.”

By MAX Employment

June 13 2017

The perfect support for Louis

“It gives me financial independence and a sense of purpose.”

By MAX Employment

June 06 2017

PaTH program sending youth in right direction

“The participants are different, they have more confidence and are happy to engage in conversation.”

By MAX Employment

May 30 2017

Age is but a number for Chris

“The stroke took away some of my memory, but once they give me a project to do there’s no problem.”

By MAX Employment

May 24 2017

Future looks green for Emily

“I don't like sitting still, I like being outdoors, doing things in the garden."

By MAX Employment

May 18 2017

Blowing off steam: the healthy way to manage anger

Managing anger can improve your relationships, your health and your general wellbeing. Here's how...

By Susan McKee

May 18 2017

How to change habits

Studies of people quitting smoking have identified that each attempt brings a higher chance of success.

By Susan McKee

May 18 2017

How do pets impact your health?

The relationship between pet and owner can be a complex one. Find out how pets help your mental health!

By Susan McKee

May 17 2017

PaTH helping Youth on the Road to Employment

"Handing out my resume was scary at first, but now I go up to the counter."

By MAX Employment

April 27 2017

Work for the Dole taking care of business in Mackay

“ I didn’t know much about the organisation and how helpful it is, fulfilling the needs of the community."

By MAX Employment

March 28 2017

Braedon takes the next step to employment with Australia Post

“I love being at Australia post. All the people there are really friendly and looking after me really well.”

By MAX Employment

March 27 2017

INFOGRAPHIC: The $10,000 Restart Wage Subsidy

In case you missed it, here's a simple guide explaining the $10,000 Restart wage subsidy!

By MAX Employment

March 23 2017

How a blind man sees

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what we forget is it's also in the ear, the mouth, the nose and the fingers"

By Gerrard Gosens

March 15 2017

Softening the transition back to work

For Anthony Hudson, landing a job with mattress recycling organisation, Soft Landing, has put a spring in his step.

By MAX Employment

March 10 2017

How you benefit when you hire someone with disability

Wage subsidies, the supported wage system and access to the Employment Assistance Fund! Take a look...

By MAX Employment

March 08 2017

Success out west with VTEC

Landing work in regional Australia can be tough, but John and Rubin have found success in Chinchilla, QLD

By MAX Employment

March 07 2017

The do's and don't's of managing workplace mental health

45% of us will experience poor mental health. If you have an employee that's struggling, here's what to do.

By MAX Employment

March 01 2017

Managers: dealing with workplace conflict the easy way

It doesn't have to be a drawn out, awkward and draining process. This is how you can handle it easily.

By MAX Employment

February 28 2017

Breaking the ice

“I thought I was too old for someone to give me a job. Now I'm loving life."

By MAX Employment

February 23 2017

Pictures of Positivity in Penrith

Cultural awareness day at MAX Employment’s Penrith office.

By MAX Employment

February 23 2017

Walkatjurra Artists Learn New Skills

Emerging artists hit their stride at Leonora's Walkatjurra Cultural Centre.

By MAX Employment

February 17 2017

Enos switches on his career

Enos has come a long way since he left Papua New Guinea for the shores of Australia nine years ago.

By MAX Employment

February 14 2017

Job ads that attract the best candidates

If you’ve never written a job ad before or need a point in the right direction, you’ve come to the right place.

By MAX Employment

February 10 2017

How to manage an underperforming employee

Here's what to do to get your employees back on track and performing!

By MAX Employment

February 03 2017

Donation keeps youth on track

Disconnected youth in Sydney's South West will have the chance to finish school thanks to MAX's $5,940 donation

By MAX Employment

January 31 2017

$10k for hiring workers 50+, and other numbers you'll love

The Restart wage subsidy: it's $10k for your business, and this is why you'll thank yourself for giving it a go...

By MAX Employment

January 31 2017

Canberra's Healthy Start to 2017

A $2,180 donation to OzHarvest Canberra will mean over 4,000 meals can now be provided to those in need!

By MAX Employment

January 27 2017

The sky is the limit for Orange Sky Laundry

More than 650 homeless people will be given assistance thanks to MAX Sunshine Coast's $3,960 donation

By MAX Employment

January 25 2017

Shane’s Beefing up Business at Burger Project

After being unemployed for three years, Shane was losing hope of finding a stable job.

By MAX Employment

January 23 2017

A step-by-step guide to creating career progression for any workplace

Want employees to stay but can't offer them perks? Offer them career progression.

By MAX Employment

January 23 2017

[Infographic] The six wage subsidies your business may be eligible for

These are the six financial incentives your business may qualify for!

By MAX Employment

January 17 2017

DES participant Joel lands his first job

For Joel and his family, it’s been a tough few years trying to get him permanent work while living with a disability. 

By MAX Employment

January 16 2017

This is how your business can get a cash bonus for hiring young workers

There's a new kid in town: the Youth Bonus wage subsidy, and it can give your business a $10,000 boost

By MAX Employment

January 10 2017

Athena's ability to raise awareness

"Talking about disability awareness is something I’m very passionate about, it’s very close to my heart.”

By MAX Employment

December 22 2016

Siobhan’s shining with CPL

“When I first met Siobhan, she didn’t speak. When she first came in it was very hard for her to open up.”

By MAX Employment

December 21 2016

A helping hand for Melbourne's youth this Christmas

"Our employers have helped us raise a lot of money, and we’re happy we can change so many young lives."

By MAX Employment

December 20 2016

A sweet surprise for Glenorchy

SecondBite and MAX have teamed up to put big smiles on little faces this Christmas

By MAX Employment

December 19 2016

Christmas Cheer for Rural Families

Families from the small town of Tara had a Christmas like never before thanks to MAX and Lions Toowoomba

By MAX Employment

December 16 2016

Mark steps up thanks to Sydney community

“It was horrible. I didn’t feel like I was worth anything, no one would give me the time of day, I just felt useless."

By MAX Employment

December 15 2016

Kara-Lee Finds New Direction with Compass Group

“I never thought I’d get into such a role where I’m working in the city. I get the best views of the Harbour Bridge."

By MAX Employment

December 12 2016

Feeding Those in Need this Holiday Season

MAX Employment Tuggeranong partner with OzHarvest to help those in need this Christmas.

By MAX Employment

December 12 2016

Del's Finding Flavour in New Career

“Cooking is in my culture. I grew up around food, and Dad has sort of been my mentor through it all."

By MAX Employment

December 09 2016

Seven steps to running a great interview

Here's a step-by-step guide on conducting a killer job interview and find the best person for the job!

By MAX Employment

December 07 2016

Millennials: here's why they are your most valuable resource

Millennials: They’re the workers born between 1982 and the 2004, and they’re crucial to your business. 

By MAX Employment

December 07 2016

This is why it's a good idea to post that job ad before Christmas...

And why it can help you attract the best quality candidates!

By MAX Employment

December 07 2016

We Are MAX

We call it the MAX Way...

By MAX Solutions

December 05 2016

Brent's Taking Control of his Career

“Brent kept asking how he was supposed to get a job when he was 51, Indigenous, and had a criminal history."

By MAX Employment

December 02 2016

Raph Secures Keys to His Future

“I'm proud that I do a good job and keep customers happy. It gives me a big grin from here to here."

By MAX Employment

November 30 2016

Sue-anne's Story

"I remember standing in front of him when he had the knife. I had to escape, the only way I could was running."

By MAX Employment

November 29 2016

Teens get a taste of work in Townsville

"I love seeing the kids grow with Maccas. Some of the managers working here were hired when they were 14."

By MAX Employment

November 22 2016

A McHappy Start to Work for Michael

For Michael, landing his first job has done more than put money in the bank, it’s turned his life around.

By MAX Employment

November 15 2016

Paid Work an Extra Topping for Troy

Troy can’t read or write, but he hasn’t let that get in the way of finding steady paid work with Pizza Hut.

By MAX Employment

November 09 2016

How to upskill your staff, and the reasons you need to…

This is how you can upskill your staff, and why your profit margins will thank you if you do!

By Jenny Field

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